Dating Sight Cologne

Connecting you easily with many German and European cities and offering plenty of fast ICE trains. The Statthaus, built in 1860, offers furnished apartments and vacation rentals within walking distance of the Cologne Cathedral. The Rhine is a defining geographical feature of the area and the Duetzer Bridge is a great way to observe the river and the city. Highlight of the festivities is the colorful gay pride parade with more than 120 floats and over a million participants and spectators.

Oldest universities, as well as its vibrant contemporary art scene. The best way to get to know Cologne and its attractions is by foot. The 12 Best Things to Do in Bonn. Discover the best way to spend your Cologne with these travel tips, hotels, restaurants, sights, shopping, and transportation information. This pedestrian street, which dates back to ancient Roman times, offers international department stores, cafes, and modern architecture. That make up the largest market in Germany, but the fair in front of the Cologne Cathedral is the most charming. The Cologne tourism office, which is located right across the Cathedral, offers guidebooks and free city maps. Born travel writer based in Berlin and Los Angeles.