Dating For Dummies Napoleon

As I prefer to listen to books instead of reading now I actually looked on audible today to see if I could purchase any books by David. Love the podcast and I always look forward to the next chapter, no matter how long.

J. David Markham Napoleonic History – Napoleon for Dummies

  • would like to sell them any ideas?
  • That makes me want to know more about French history and the Revolution, etc.
  • pod as gift, and after 60 day learning process, discovered your podcast.
  • Fantastic job and what a brilliant idea!

Like the way that your passion shines through when you get side tracked this is the stuff that brings history to life! Does the text corresponding to each podcast exist? Up to episode 18 and it keeps showing up every couple of episodes and driving me bonkers. Had a conversation with me for the past 2 days. From Chicago, down here in Argentina, too. Thanks for letting me know about the problem. Had the French introvened could they reclaimed parts of New France. If you can think of a company that might be interested, please let me know!

  • loved the podcast, in particular the Russian campaign.
  • If so, is there a site that has a bit of what I missed?
  • inherited the few my father collected in the fifties.
  • battels and he loves hearing them!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the series! Thanks for listening to the show! Did Napoleon make a mistake at Arce?

Avoiding complexity at every turn, this is a simplistic and frequently anachronistic view of the period and the man. David to keep on going because as a Brit I feel I am getting the other side of the Napoleon story and more able to assess British Foreign poicy at this time in history. Whether you are a private individual or a company, if you are a tax payer in France, you get tax benefits on donations to the Fondation Napoléon.

Dispute the death toll of the wars during the period but I dare you to find a way to blame the wars on Napoleon. Linked to it, and looking forward to many more. Smoke alarm is low on batteries and keeps chirping every 30 seconds this show would be much better without that noise. Was hooked from the very first podcast and I loved the way you immediately dealt with all of the myths and misperceptions. Have never gotten a handle on the Napoleonic era until your brilliant podcasts! At times thought that maybe there was too much love for napoleon, but that is understandable! Listen to a fair number of podcasts like TWiT and have now come to love audible audio books. To the best of my knowledge, I know that is not the case, but it was nice to daydream.

This is a very good material! My guess is it was one of those broken links i read about due to the server crash so I thought you should know. Very informative and at the same time entertaining.

Ve found 3 other Napoleon fans, always looking out for more! Always nice to find other solidarity with other Bonapartists. Thank you for spreading the joy. Re really pleased to hear you are both enjoying the show! Always wonderful to hear from new listeners, especially from different parts of the world! Nothing like sitting down after a long day with a good Napoleon biography. It roused my interest in Napoleon who I before only knew had been ruler in France and lost a war.

Its shown me Napoleon in a completely different light, as being English you only ever get Nelson and Wellington, Trafalger and Waterloo. Think you should be more honest. Thanks for a very interesting show. Am also organizing an International Napoleonic Society Congress in Poland, probably in early July of 2007. Thanks for making this particular topic of Napoleon so interesting, lively and dare I say entertaining!

Thanks again for your compassion for this subject. My iniation to Napoleon and I like to learn through speaking voices. Get iTunes subscribe button to work. Though I had always thought that Napoleon III had stayed in France and it was only the Empress that went to Chislehurst?

So far i have listen to an episode a night. The truth is that Napoleon inherited the wars between France and the other European countries. They were happening before he was in power. And yes, we do have a shared passion. He reintroduced a new privileged nobility, who did not pay taxes of their estates.

Really no suprise for a 7 year old boy. There is nothing better than listening to people who know and love their subject and in this case we have two. Wait to hear what happens in the next episode, keep up the good work.

It will tell you a lot about your war. Yes, actually I am working on finding some suitable advertisers for the show now. It would be very interesting if you can have a chapter on the global consequences or effects of the Napoleonic Wars. Etc really interest me a great deal. Thanks for letting me know Eric! Please let me know if you have any further problems! By the way, have I missed the Napoleon get together in Australia that was to be held this summer?

David and I are very excited about creating this show and the rest of the series. Enemies, signed peace treaties which they then broke, again and again, and forced France back into war. Alternated between downloads of The Gulag Archipelago, War and Peace, and Napolean 101. Make the perfect team, i just discovered your podcast on napoleon about 1 month ago. Thank you for a outstanding podcast series. Plan to pick up Napolean for dummies on my next visit to Chapters. And they seem to be working okay. Am looking forward to future podcasts. Think it would have been a far better place.